Ulrike's Brain

Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion| AMARD BIRD Films and Bruce LaBruce present with the support of Canada Council for the Arts a film by Bruce LaBruce with Gertrude Stammheim Susanne Sachsse | Jonathan Johnson | Saskia Timm | Stefan Sandrock | Florian Töbe | Yves Hanke | Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert | Written & Directed by  Bruce LaBruce  | Cinematographer    Bernd Schoch & Haiko Alberti | Editor Jörn Hartmann | Original Music Score   BunnyCat Productions | Producers  Paula Alamillo Rodriguez | Jonathan Johnson | Jürgen Brüning | Sonja Klümper | Bruce LaBruce | Copyright 2017 Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion | Bruce LaBruce

Referencing sixties B-movies like On a vole le cerveau d’Hitler (1968) and Le cerveau qui ne voulait pas mourir (1962), Ulrike’s Brain finds Doctor Julia Feifer (Susanne Sachsse) arriving at an academic conference with an organ box. Inside the box: the brain of Ulrike Meinhof, which was saved by the authorities along with the brains of the three other leaders of the RAF after their deaths in Stammheim prison. Doctor Feifer can communicate telepathically with Ulrike’s brain, which is directing her to lead a new feminist revolution. To that end, she is searching for the ideal female body to transplant Ulrike’s brain into. At the same time, her arch-rival, Detlev Schlesinger, an extreme right-wing ideologue, arrives at the conference with the ashes of Michael Kühnen, the former German neo-Nazi leader and infamous homosexual who died of AIDS in 1989. When the two Frankenstein’s monsters of the extreme left and the extreme right meet, chaos ensues.